1907, 2017

Our Awesome Interns

So when we get the chance to help someone else learn and grow, we jump for it. That’s why we bring in as many interns […]

1707, 2017

TechTalk | Requirement: Software Development

As experts in the digital construction field, TechArk knows a thing or two about building success. In the video below, our Programming and Apps Project […]

1307, 2017

Smart Stuff

Remember when arguments ended simply because there was no way of knowing the answer to resolve the discussion? Ah, the good old days of tapes, […]

1107, 2017

TechArk in the Community

A community is more than a group of people or a geographical location. A true community is a shared connection between individuals who are unified; […]

607, 2017

Hello, June

It’s been a month already, and TechArk has done it again. June was a whirlwind of informative meetings, innovative hard work, and of course, delicious […]

507, 2017

All the Web’s a Stage

Everyone has a story to tell, whether person, place, thing, or brand. Depending on the story, the right way to tell it might be a […]

307, 2017

Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Last week, the TechArk office was abuzz with activity, both inside and out. While our staff sipped coffee, clicked, typed, and walked to & from […]

2806, 2017

Busy, Beware

In 2017, nearly everything is automated. Doors open and close without hands to hold them, e-commerce websites make money without people to sell products, and […]

2706, 2017

TechTalk | Discovery: Software Development

As digital creative problem solvers, the TechArk agency is a strong believer in the power of Discovery. We see the digital landscape as a new […]