1004, 2017

Website Spotlight | Hampton Roads Association For Commercial Real Estate

Want to learn how to RE-IMAGINE Your Business? — visit GoTechArk.com

About TechArk | We are a Digital Creative Agency that helps you Re-Imagine Your Business. […]

1403, 2017

Industry News | Pinterest Acquires Jelly

Here at TechArk we believe constant innovation is crucial to the success of any business, so we wanted to take a minute to share some […]

2802, 2017

Norfolk Forum Turns to TechArk to Transform Customer Experience

New partnership seeks to re-imagine speaker series website

NORFOLK, VA – February 28, 2017 – TechArk Solutions, a digital creative agency based in Norfolk, VA, […]

2402, 2017

Taking the Time to Team Build

Why Team Building is Critical

Team building is important because it’s an investment in your employees and your business and also helps to facilitate trust, resolve […]

1402, 2017

Catalyzing Our Economy

Have you seen the ABC show Shark Tank? Just in case you may have missed it, on the show a panel of multi-millionaires and billionaire […]

102, 2017

A Monday Meeting for Machine Learning

On January 30th Ken Taylor, our Senior Software Architect, gave a crash course into Machine Learning. All the information needed to participate were a functional […]

2401, 2017

4 Signs it’s Time for a Website Renovation

Doctors typically advise that you do not self-diagnose online because you may misdiagnose yourself, resulting in more stress than you began with. However, when diagnosing […]

1801, 2017

How TechArk is Trending in 2017

How TechArk is trending in the digital universe.

The world is becoming increasingly digital, with a virtual array of applications, networks and devices that are designed […]

1301, 2017

Literary Lessons at the Library | Slover Edition

Coffee in hand, notepad in the other, ready for the American Marketing Association of Hampton Roads creative writing experience they scheduled with Slover Library. After […]