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1905, 2017

REIMAGINE Series | A Conversation with Pratik Kothari


A digital creative agency that is ready and willing to help your company, regardless of industry, TechArk adjusts itself to suit your needs. As technology continues to evolve and grow, so must businesses. We can help your company grow gracefully […]

102, 2017

A Monday Meeting for Machine Learning


On January 30th Ken Taylor, our Senior Software Architect, gave a crash course into Machine Learning. All the information needed to participate were a functional knowledge of API (application program interface) and an attitude to learn and we’d like to […]

901, 2017

Day 11: Top Business Mobile Apps


Slack (communication): Instant messaging, can organize team conversations into public or private groups. Easy to drag, drop, and share images, and PDF’s.

Clear (time management): Easy organization, create and manage separate lists and schedules effortlessly, and swipe off-screen when completed. Can be synced […]

2810, 2016

Don’t Get Tricked – Treat Yourself to Great Technology!


The great thing about technology is that it’s always working to find innovative new ways to help us run our personal and professional lives faster, better and more easily. Since we have our fingers on the pulse of technology and […]

2608, 2016

TechArk opens an office in Norfolk, VA


We are very pleased to announce our next big move. We purchased an office building in Norfolk earlier this year as a future home for TechArk and its growing team.

TechArk’s new office will be feature a modern, industrial look. We […]

808, 2016

5 Things To Consider To Strengthen Your Brand


What do you need to better your business?

Take a look at the tools you’re using to attract more customers to your business. Are you doing all you can to get the best prospects and to hold on to those you’ve […]

2807, 2016

Go for the Gold


With the summer Olympics going on in Brazil this month, things are really heating up in Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of athletes from around the world are gathering to put their mettle to the test to see if they have […]

1612, 2015

Mobile App Monetization Strategies: Can I Actually Make Money From an App?


You’ve heard of whiz kid developers who turned a dubious-sounding idea into an app that grossed millions. Take Yo, an app that performed only one function (texting the word “Yo” to a friend) but was able to raise a million […]

2610, 2015

The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Our Review of iOS 9


It goes without saying that we’re geeks for technology. And so when new a new iOS arrives, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. There’s always some things we love…and some things that cause us to face-palm.

iOS […]

1910, 2015

Growth You Can’t Ignore: Is Mobile Technology a Part of Your Business Strategy?


You’ve seen it happen a thousand times. In airports, waiting rooms, shopping centers, and places of business, screens flash as children, parents, laborers, professionals, and decision-makers complete tasks on their mobile devices. They’re communicating with peers, consuming media, researching topics, […]

1708, 2015

Mobile App Development Using Agile Technologies


Are you familiar with “agile” software development? If not, this is a term you should know as you navigate the world of mobile app development. After all, the process by which your mobile app is developed will have a big […]

308, 2015

Mobile App Design Patterns


You likely already know that UI/UX design, or user interface/user experience design, is an important part of building a successful mobile app. After all, users interact with your application through your interface, and a well-designed experience is the difference between […]