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1907, 2017

Our Awesome Interns


So when we get the chance to help someone else learn and grow, we jump for it. That’s why we bring in as many interns as we can handle each summer, to mentor them, as well as learn from them. […]

1707, 2017

TechTalk | Requirement: Software Development


As experts in the digital construction field, TechArk knows a thing or two about building success. In the video below, our Programming and Apps Project Manager Darnley discusses the process by which an app moves past the idea and brainstorming […]

1107, 2017

TechArk in the Community


A community is more than a group of people or a geographical location. A true community is a shared connection between individuals who are unified; stronger together than apart. Communities can sprout up anywhere, anytime, and may surprise you with the […]

607, 2017

Hello, June


It’s been a month already, and TechArk has done it again. June was a whirlwind of informative meetings, innovative hard work, and of course, delicious lunches. In between bites at our monthly team meeting we discussed our goals, challenges, and […]

507, 2017

All the Web’s a Stage


Everyone has a story to tell, whether person, place, thing, or brand. Depending on the story, the right way to tell it might be a stage, in print, through photography, or on video.

For the past few years, photography has been […]

307, 2017

Entrepreneurs Everywhere


Last week, the TechArk office was abuzz with activity, both inside and out. While our staff sipped coffee, clicked, typed, and walked to & from the water cooler, a television camera crew was setting up in our conference room.

No, we’re […]

2806, 2017

Busy, Beware


In 2017, nearly everything is automated. Doors open and close without hands to hold them, e-commerce websites make money without people to sell products, and algorithms show us what we want to see without us having to say it out […]

2706, 2017

TechTalk | Discovery: Software Development


As digital creative problem solvers, the TechArk agency is a strong believer in the power of Discovery. We see the digital landscape as a new frontier, a vast terrain of knowledge and potential. We see ourselves as explorers, forging a […]

1606, 2017

An Unusually Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is this Sunday, for those of you who forgot (you’re welcome). At TechArk we want to help you celebrate with the perfect gift, which is why we did the research and compiled a whole list (you’re really welcome) […]

606, 2017

TechTalk | Digital Marketing in 2017


The digital solutions experts and creative marketing team at TechArk are always researching, brainstorming, and improving, in order to keep bringing our clients the Very Best in custom digital programming and advertising. Because you’ve been good, we’re sharing a few […]

206, 2017

Client Spotlight | Chesapean Outdoors


TechArk’s HQ resides in thriving downtown Norfolk, so there’s never any shortage of fun activities to fill our weekends. Whether we’re chowing down on Granby Street, oohing and aahing at the Nauticus Aquarium, or catching a show at the recently […]

3105, 2017

Let’s Talk About May


The month of May is drawing to a close, but the hive is still swarming with activity here at TechArk. Our designers and developers have been busy bees all month, creating and constructing one-of-a-kind digital solutions for our one-of-a-kind clients. […]