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901, 2017

Day 11: Top Business Mobile Apps


Slack (communication): Instant messaging, can organize team conversations into public or private groups. Easy to drag, drop, and share images, and PDF’s.

Clear (time management): Easy organization, create and manage separate lists and schedules effortlessly, and swipe off-screen when completed. Can be synced […]

301, 2017

Day 6: Innovative Technology We Love


Google Home AI
This little device is a great alternative for the Amazon dot or the echo, which both have massive success in the tech community for both price and usability. The Google home is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is […]

3112, 2016

Day 5: Top VR Viewers


You’ve probably heard of one of the latest trends in digital technology; Virtual Reality. Here is the list of 5 top VR viewers to consider.
Google Cardboard
As the cheapest solution for “VR” this needs to be on the list. There are 3rd […]