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1403, 2017

Industry News | Pinterest Acquires Jelly


Here at TechArk we believe constant innovation is crucial to the success of any business, so we wanted to take a minute to share some feedback on a recent acquisition by Pinterest. Last week Pinterest announced its acquisition of the […]

901, 2017

Day 12: Security Tips and Practices


Use a secure password that’s a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. There’s no such thing as a password that’s too secure.
Remember to lock your anything up before leaving it unattended, that goes for computers and phones.
Limit the […]

601, 2017

Day 9: Ways to Use a Raspberry Pi 3


Tor Box
The only thing you need to hide all your Facebook browsing from the government. Using the free open source Tor browser you can send all your personal internet traffic through this little computer to encrypt all the data sent […]

601, 2017

Day 8: Solutions for Productivity


Staying productive is a complaint that everyone has occasionally, whether at work or at home.  Our team has compiled a list of their favorite “productivity enhancing” products just in time for the holiday season! Check out our full list below […]

301, 2017

Day 6: Innovative Technology We Love


Google Home AI
This little device is a great alternative for the Amazon dot or the echo, which both have massive success in the tech community for both price and usability. The Google home is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is […]

3112, 2016

Day 5: Top VR Viewers


You’ve probably heard of one of the latest trends in digital technology; Virtual Reality. Here is the list of 5 top VR viewers to consider.
Google Cardboard
As the cheapest solution for “VR” this needs to be on the list. There are 3rd […]

3012, 2016

Day 4: Top 4 Tech Conferences


The top 4 technology conferences you should attend or at least watch online are:

         Apple WWDC
         Google I/O
         Microsoft Build
         Amazon re:Invent

As you can see they are some of the top technology companies in the world in the realm of […]

2912, 2016

Day 3: Motivational Spotify Playlists


Use the awesome power of melody to inspire you throughout the work week! Sitting in silence works for some, but sometimes a melodious kick in the nucleus accumbens can really rev up productivity. TechArk has selected 3 Spotify playlists that […]

2812, 2016

Day 2: Voice Activated Digital Assistants


The world around us is ever changing, and that is certainly the case with home electronics and artificial intelligence. Two recent examples of these innovations include Google Home & Amazon Alexa.

Google Home: $130. Responds to voice commands and always listening.Wake […]

2811, 2016

Two Hidden Details that Make or Break SEO


2810, 2016

Don’t Get Tricked – Treat Yourself to Great Technology!


The great thing about technology is that it’s always working to find innovative new ways to help us run our personal and professional lives faster, better and more easily. Since we have our fingers on the pulse of technology and […]

3008, 2016

Re-imagining our new office – Video Preview


Here is a video in which Jinal (our cool designer) explains what the new space means for TechArk.
The excitement has been building about our new office space. There are a lot of moving parts as we have taken down most […]